The Turnstile Ghosts Have An Energy Adventure

EPCOT’s classic Universe of Energy attraction has gone through several changes since it first opened in 1982. On August 13 however, the ride will go through a massive change in its transformation into a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. While this decision has made many Marvel fans happy, the move comes at a time when EPCOT fans feel their favorite park slipping away from them. Soon Universe of Energy will be just another memory of Orlando that only the Turnstile Ghosts will be able to enjoy.

Show your love for this piece of EPCOT history with any number of products featuring the new “Energetic Ghosts” design now on Teepublic and Redbubble. The shirts come in a variety of colors for both men, and women. If you act fast, the t-shirts are on sale for $14 over the next two days on Teepublic, so hurry and beat Stupid Judy to the punch!

And be sure to check out the Ellen’s Energy Adventure while you still can, it truly is one of the last remnants of an EPCOT we have grown to love.


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