Attractions We Want To See In Universal Orlando’s Super Nintendo World

The groundbreaking ceremony for Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World has left us here in Orlando wondering what will be in-store for our park. With so many different characters and settings inside the Nintendo universe, there is no telling what will be implemented into the final product. We can however, speculate, and dream, about what would make for an awesome and unique manifestation of the most infamous force in the Gaming industry.


Mario Kart: Race For The Sunshine Cup

One attraction already announced is a Mario Kart VR Experience, hopefully complete with Bananas, Mushrooms, and Blue Shells. While the ride has been announced, there is still no information pertaining to the tracks that will be showcased in the attraction. With several Mario Kart games out there, there is an endless amount of locales to choose from. Some tracks are more memorable than others in the eyes of gamers, and maybe tracks can be created that take inspiration from those popular destinations. Given Orlando’s sunny reputation, pinning drivers against each other in the “Sunshine Cup” would be a nice touch. Whatever tracks are used in the end, the implementation of VR into the attraction will make it easy to take riders to several infamous Mario Kart destinations.


 Escape From Ganon’s Castle

The popularity of the Legend of Zelda series makes an attraction following the adventures of Link a no-brainer. Over 30 years of Hyrule quests make for a wide variety of stories that could be used in a ride. The simplest solution would be an attraction that contains the most popular motifs and characters from the series. We could follow Link on his journey to Ganon’s Castle, where the mystical Triforce is being held. A ride system reminiscent of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey would allow for guests to experience the creatures and dungeon elements for which the games are most famous. Plus, we really want to hear that soundtrack as we ride off into the Hyrule sunset.



Yoshi’s Island

The lovable Dinosaur that accompanies Mario on his quests through the Mushroom Kingdom has become almost as, if not more, popular than his owner. The Yoshi games have always had a childlike feel to them, making them an excellent source of inspiration for a children’s ride in Universal. What could be Nintendo’s take on the classic Dumbo attraction, Yoshi’s Island would allow guests to board a Yoshi of their choosing and fly through the sky. We can already see daily arguments among riders who insist that they get the “Green Yoshi”.


Donkey Kong’s Mine Cart Madness

What started as an arcade villain, has evolved into one of the most popular franchises in Nintendo’s lineup. Donkey Kong Country for the SNES introduced fans to a new and improved Donkey Kong, one who was accompanied by a feisty monkey named Diddy Kong. The Mine Cart levels of the Donkey Kong games are no doubt frustrating, but also provide some of the most fun moments in the series. Imagine boarding a mine cart that leaves from a station in the jungle, experiences twists and turns, and even makes some death defying jumps!  It’s all worth it just to sit in Cranky Kong’s rocking chair at the ride exit.


Adventures In Dreamland

Super Nintendo World’s appeal will be the cast of characters that we have all grown to love over the years. One of the more popular Nintendo characters is the Pink bomber himself, Kirby. Kirby games take on a variety of gaming styles, the dude has been depicted as both Clay and Yarn. Why not give the guests a fun ride that mimics all of Kirby’s capabilities. Vehicles traveling through Dreamland will rise, accelerate, drop, and spin as they follow Kirby on one of his many journeys. There could be major money made in a Build-A-Bear type store in which you can customize your very own Kirby plush, down to the color and accessories!


Tiny Huge Island

While Nintendo games are enjoyed by people of all ages, the park will have to do a good job of keeping kids entertained and out of their parents hair. The solution that most parks resort to is a “Kid’s Area”, one where children can roam free in an interactive and immersive environment. A great idea for a kid’s area would be one modeled after Tiny Huge Island from Super Mario Bros. 3. Walking into the area, guests can marvel at miniature Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bills, and “?” Blocks, only to be caught off guard by giant Goombas! Pass through a tunnel, and everything is small again, just like in the game! With the addition of water elements, the area is sure to be a popular spot for kids to play during the hot summer months in the Mushroom Kingdom (Central Florida).


Pokémon Safari

Finally, what would Super Nintendo World be without an area dedicated to the phenomenon that is Pokémon. What started as a trading card game has exploded over the past two decades into a household name, and often an obsession (Pokémon Go). There are several paths that the designers of the attraction can take, but we feel the one that makes the most sense would be modeled after the N64 Classic Pokémon Snap. The “rail shooter” format of the game makes the attraction a perfect candidate for a shooting attraction much like Men In Black Alien Attack. Ride vehicles will be fitted with “cameras” that generate points when used to take pictures of the various Pokémon coming into sight. A slow moving attraction that showcases Pokémon animatronics is sure to be a fan favorite, and one Universal should not pass up on. Once the points are tallied at the end, a badge will appear on screen letting you know just how many you “snapped”. Honestly, we just want to see a Squirtle animatronic.


What attractions would you like to see at Universal’s Super Nintendo World? Let us know in our comment section!


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