Petition To Name Splendid China A Historic Landmark

Splendid China was a theme park located here in Kissimmee, Florida. The park was open for ten years then closed in 2003. Vandals ran rampant on the grounds and destroyed any and all pieces of the handcrafted and elaborated setting. Big Box stores and a residential area will stand on the land which this park operated. End of story.

But what if the whole story was told? What if people could learn lessons from this little-big park in Kissimmee, Florida? What if the few pieces of Splendid China’s magnificence could be saved for future generations to experience?

With your help, we can work towards saving what remnants of Splendid China that remain, in an effort to educate residents and preserve a part of Central Florida tourism history.

Below are two links to petitions currently aimed at preserving and naming Splendid China’s remains a Historical Landmark. The park has a fascinating history, from its development, construction, and battles with Tibetan activists groups. Much can be learned from the story of this unique and original tourist attraction, Orlando’s only, and last, cultural attraction. The petition will be sent to the Florida House and Senate, as well as Historical associations including the Orange County Regional Historical Center, the Kissimmee Historical Society, the Florida Historical Society, and the National Amusement Park Historical Association. We feel that with your help, we can finally start taking steps to preserve our city’s tourism roots. Thank you for your support, xie xie!


Up-close with a Great Wall Tower
Up-close with a Great Wall Tower

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