Cooler’s Revenge Dragon Ball Z VHS

Thousands of kids spent every late afternoon watching Toonami in the early 2000’s. The popularity of one show in particular, Dragon Ball Z, led to an influx of merchandise into the American market. Here in Orlando, Colonial’s “Little Saigon” became a favorite haven for DBZ collectibles.

VHS tapes, especially those featuring full-length films are a rare find these days. One very cool film is Cooler’s Revenge, a spin-off of the Frieza story. Cooler, Frieza’s brother decides to attack the planet Earth. As fate would have it, Goku and the crew are also on Earth. Let the destruction begin.

The tape comes in a clamshell case that features Cooler in the fourth evolved form. There are a couple of really cool commercials prior to the actual film, including a promo for IF Labs DBZ figures.

The film plays out like most Dragon Ball Z episodes, heavy dialogue is interrupted by short bouts of action. In my opinion, Icarus makes the film.



I may just be a sucker for funny animals making noises, not to mention this creature’s resemblance to Figment. Speaking of Disney, is it me or does Goku’s ability to attract forest animals seem a bit Snow White-ish.


The film’s soundtrack is something that, in a way sparks the imagination. Deftones and Disturbed music brings back memories of the pre-teen angst so prevalent during the time period. In some scenes, the music seems out of place. In other scenes, the music fits perfectly and adds greatly to the story.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to see Goku and a bird turn Super Saiyan to the sounds of the Deftones‘ “Change”



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