It’s Been A While..

Greetings funkateers! This is the first post after a long hiatus, things in the material world have been materializing and de-materializing, leaving little time to update this site. We are working on a few projects and would like to keep everyone in the know. This site is going to be a headquarters for everything from art, news, and merchandise that is originating in the Kissimmee-Four Corners-Orlando area.

Since bloggers in this area focus solely on the happenings at Walt Disney World (How many sites do we need to devoted to this?), we are turning our attention to the people. The people that live in this area need a voice; we are providing the microphone. For this reason, we will set our sights on providing material to benefit our community and inform the public. Since this site is geared towards the community, we will need the help of businesses, artists, and free-thinkers in providing media and materials. Here is a list of things we plan to start undertaking:

  • Artist Showcase– Giving the people of West Orlando, Kissimmee, and Four Corners an outlet for showcasing their creative works
  • Musician Spotlight– We want to see where the music scene is going in our community, and hopefully help in making our area known in the music world
  • Retail/Restaurant Reviews– In an effort to bring more business to the area, we will write about unique shopping and dining experiences in the community. If interested in gaining a review, please feel free to let us know!
  • Merchandise– At the moment, we are working on unique merchandise that is sure to catch the eye of locals, theme park fans, and avid consumers alike!

We urge you to stay tuned for more posts and news from On The One 92. In the meantime, send us your questions, requests, and even recommendations for improving the site.

Keep it funky people!


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