Keeping it On the One 92

Greetings from the Middle Groove, or the Central State of Mind as we call it around here. Congratulations on making it here, we’ll do the rest. This is our first blog post, and so we feel we should let you in on what we’re all about, here On the One 92.

First, a little about our name. To “keep it on the one” is to be the essence of the groove. Funk music’s power lies in the beat, and timing, and to have an emphasis on the “one” is to stay in the most powerful of pockets. Can you dig? If you’re lost I’ll quote RHCP, “If you have to ask, you’ll never know.” I assure you it’s not hard to learn.

The Funk preaches staying true to one’s self, and we feel that their is no other way to live. Humans are not only capable of living like this, but also the places in which we dwell. The tourism “enclave” which millions of visitors travel to every year is home to a population that is not fully understood. That is why we feel it is our mission to present to you media, publications, stories, and artwork that stays true to who we are. We love that people label certain aspects of this town as tacky, or kitsch. We embrace who we are, love what surrounds us, while at the same time making a name for ourselves.

The photo depicted here is the Table of Contents image for the first book from author David Vasquez, The Prophet of the Funk and Other Tales From the O. The photo is a play of theme park maps, while hinting at some of more unique characteristics. The book is currently on sale in the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. You can download a copy here


If people can focus more on the people who make up this vacation destination, then everyone can live off the support of one another. Let’s make some waves Central Florida. We want every and anyone who is interested in contributing to the movement to let us know! A Orlando united can produce some funky results, and those are the best kind. Let’s ride the tide to the fame we’ve been preparing for ever since the first all you can eat buffet set up shop in this endless swamp,


Behold the West Side of the City Beautiful
Behold the West Side of the City Beautiful

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